Risk Decision-Making (2013)

Risk Decision-Making

Risk Decision-Making: Working with risk and implementing positive risk-taking (2013) is available from Pavilion Publishing & Media.

Taking risks in some form is something we all do every day, and we take for granted our freedom to take such risks as we choose. For many service users, a bureaucracy that is fearful of a blame culture means that they often do not get the chance to take the risks they are entitled to, and their lives are impoverished as a result. While we normally view risk in terms of danger and consequence, we must attempt to redress the balance and recognise that there are many potential benefits to risk-taking.

Key features: Detailed manual covering a wide range of risk-taking issues; CD-rom with a comprehensive range of printable materials, including forms, checklists and guidance.

About the resource
Primarily aimed at working with people in mental health, learning disability and older persons’ services, this manual will enable local services to develop their own packages of training and support for implementing good practice in working with risk, including taking risks and good risk decision-making.

Contents include:
–    Chapter 1: Introduction
–    Chapter 2: Developing a risk training strategy
–    Chapter 3: Principles into practice
–    Chapter 4: Person-centred practice
–    Chapter 5: Working with risk
–    Chapter 6: Positive risk-taking
–    Chapter 7: Risk decision-making
–    Chapter 8: Organisation culture
–    Chapter 9: Working with suicide and self-harm

The risk resources include: 
1.    Working with risk: the current situation
2.    Working with risk: detailed review
3.    Risk decision-making: checklist and format
4.    Aide memoire for health and social care services
5.    Service User Personal Safety Plan
6.    Implementing principles of best practice
Implementing Department of Health principles of best practice.


An addition to the published ‘Viewpoint’ series was produced by Steve Morgan (Practice Based Evidence) and Toby Williamson (Mental Health Foundation), and can be accessed by clicking on the following link:

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