Podcast Episode 058: Working with Strengths Checklist

Working-with-StrengthsHow do we go about building a picture of our strengths, and those of others? We don’t usually greet each other by enquiring what we are no good at, or what we have recently screwed up; yet we also do not naturally and consistently search deeply for those inner-most strengths and natural talents.

Listen to any conversation between people who have met for the first time, at a conference for example, and they explore what defines each other in a the positive sense of ‘what do you do?’ or ‘what are your specific interests in the subject of the conference?’ We should never make the big decisions based on the negative of weaknesses, we should build it on the drives and motivations, the dreams and aspirations.

In this episode I outline an 8-point checklist as prompts for building up a picture of our strengths. These are our resources, from within us and around us, so we should be devoting more time to identifying them and making best use of them. Ultimately it is our strengths that best equip us to manage our problems and weaknesses. Off the top of your head what would you identify as your best qualities and strengths? Then keep adding to that initial picture over time.

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“Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.” [Napoleon Hill].

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