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Podcast Episode 023: Wanda Rusiecki Interview Part 2

TheStrengthsRevolution_albumart_2-2In this second part of the interview Wanda Rusiecki talks about the work she does as a case manager with specific service users, ‘getting on the healthy side’ and supporting people to exercise more control over their own lives. She recognises the real reasons behind the cynacism and mistrust that some people come with, and how the focus on the conversation and humble listening helps to create a different experience of services for many people.

The issue of ‘time’ is discussed; it is the service user’s time, so we need to ask how they want to make best use of it, rather than succumbing only to systems needs that serve more bureaucratic requirements. Helping people to search for satisfaction also brings greater satisfaction in the work for practitioners.

Wanda also reflects on working alongside the criminal justice system through court order treatment, the importance of integrating mental and physical health care to be truly holistic, and the role for peer services employing service users to tap into their experience and talents.

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