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Podcast Episode 035: Care & Support Planning

TheStrengthsRevolution_albumart_2-2Why develop care or support plans in health and social care services? Isn’t it just another one of those bureaucratic requirements from the world of box-ticking, form-filling, audit-pleasing managerial culture? Well no it shouldn’t be; we need a thoughtful person-centred approach to the complex physical and psychological needs experienced by many people across all age groups and disabilities.

The strengths approach focuses specifically on the priorities expressed by the person through the vehicle of a strengths assessment, and these priority wishes will only become achievable goals if we put some kind of plan in place. The planning element is essentially about actions and responsibilities for actions. Within a strengths approach care or support planning is not limited to strengths-based wishes, we also need to plan for the difficulties and concerns that need to be managed. But the paperwork, paper-based or electronic, will have a role to play if we can keep it to the essential minimum amount.

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