Podcast Episode 022: Wanda Rusiecki Interview Part 1

TheStrengthsRevolution_albumart_2-2Wanda Rusiecki has been working in ‘intensive case management’ services in New York State for 25 years, supporting some of the most vulnerable people experiencing mental health problems within the state system. Wanda describes her experiences working intensively with small caseloads of people with very complex problems, who require a stronger degree of linking and co-ordinating of services as well as more creative ways of engaging trusting working relationships.

Wanda’s reflections pick up on her value base that emerged from childhood as a theme for connecting with those who present as different. She identifies the importance of ‘strengths’ in her own approach of developing the conversation and listening more through ‘looking for the healthy side of people’. Wanda identifies the characteristics of what makes for a good case manager and what has sustained her to stay in this line of work for the long-term, as well as the challenges that the ‘system’ presents when trying to deliver best practice. The true meaning of ‘recovery’ is identified through eliciting each individual to tell their own story and identify their own priorities.

To hear the full content of this episode click on the links to iTunes and Sound Cloud (or go to Stitcher Radio):




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