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Strengths as the ultimate Resources

What do you think when the topic of strengths-based practice is raised? Is it something that you will devote some quality time to when other priorities have been sorted out? I hope not!

When we are working with those challenges, trying to manage a few of life’s difficulties, or finding ways to manage or take risks… a Strengths Approach is the critical way forward.

If you’re interested to learn more check out the following link for a Strengths Checklist, which could also be your first step towards connecting with my wider range of resources specifically focused on ‘strengths’, but also seeing strengths-based practice as the ultimate way of underpinning our confidence in my concept of ‘positive risk-taking’.


Podcast Episode 068: Working with Strengths Case Study

TheStrengthsRevolution_albumart_2-2Working with Strengths is a consistent process of identifying strengths through a strengths assessment, leading to the identification of personal priorities. These priorities become the separate strengths-based support plans, but the identified strengths also apply in managing crises and concerns.

In this episode this whole process is illustrated through the details of the case study of Aluna, an African lady arriving in London at a young age, but the victim of horrendous abuses. The case study illustrates how the initial information we receive sets up a very narrow and generally negative picture of a person. Time is the ultimate requirement in order to encourage someone to build trust and engage with services that can be of help and support. The process of engaging trust is most successfully achieved through a focus on a person’s capabilities, not by just keeping them focused on the problems and difficulties they experience.

Aluna was very clear what she wanted, and how she could work with certain services to achieve her aims, but both she and the services held concerns that a strengths approach can also be adapted to resolve.

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“If you plan on being anything less than you are capable of being, you will probably be unhappy all the days of your life.” [Abraham Maslow].


Podcast Episode 066: Strengths-Based Planning

TheStrengthsRevolution_albumart_2-2You may be a supremely spontaneous individual, but we all still need degrees of planning if we are to be confident of setting in motion the powerful action to help us in achieving our dreams and aspirations.

In planning for achievement it is common sense to think that our strengths will be focal in the process, but they apply equally to plans for managing our concerns and crises. ‘Working with Strengths’ is a process that follows the path of strengths assessment to stated priorities to strengths-based support plans.

In this episode I offer brief checklists of prompts to guide the construction of strengths-based plans for achieving our priorities and for managing our concerns. It is the application, not just the identification of our strengths, that enables action and positive change. These checklists should apply equally to personal reflection or to our work in supporting others.

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“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.” [Anatole France].